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We updated the project page of the Stone-Cone building and added the final video. It shows the complete construction and reconstruction of the Stone-Cone building, from its complex foundation design to reflections about its inner installations. The video was made for a conference talk, so there is no sound, labels or explanations. Go and check it out!

I just found out that a few unique screen prints of these wonderful Gilgamesh illustrations by artist Franziska Leischker are still available for purchase. The illustrations show key scenes from the Ancient Near Eastern epic of Gilgamesh and were originally created by Franziska for the Gilgamesh exhibition in the August Kestner Museum that we wrote about here and here.
The motifs are:
1) The Ziggurat of Uruk; 2) Enkidu, the savage; 3) Enkidu and Shamhat; 4) In Humbaba’s forest; 5) Gilgamesh and Enkidu fight Ishtar’s Bull; 6) Gilgamesh at Enkidu’s deathbed; 7) Siduri’s tavern at the world’s end; 8) The Babylonian Noah; 9) Gilgamesh fetching the Herb of Immortality.
For purchase and details contact Franziska Leischker directly!

Credits: All images © Franziska Leischker

We just finished a new animation project! The five-minute film shows the detailed construction of the Stone-Cone Building in Uruk beginning with digging the ditch for the foundation and ending with the finished building enclosed by surrounding walls. At the moment we only show some stills of the film, but you can read all about it in the project-description on our website.

We created this infographic in order to show the amount of building material used in the construction of the building. The dimensions are remarkable. Just imagine the expenditure of human labour…

Section showing the interior organisation of the building and its assumed installation.

The enclosure wall was also decorated with mosaic cones. These were green and black clay cones, while the building itself was decorated with stone cones.

Today we finished the work on the restitution and visualisation of the “White Temple” (Building B) and the Anu Ziggurat in Uruk, a very famous sacred complex dating to the Late Uruk Period. The project is part of the ongoing Uruk Visualisation-Project that we are working on for the German Archaeological Institute in Berlin. The results turned out very nice: We created two possibilities of reconstruction for the “White Temple”. The final images show comprehensive exterior views of the temple on top of the ziggurat, several sections through the building and some very nice interior views that tentatively reveal the lighting conditions inside the temple.

Sorry for not posting any pictures here, but that will have to wait until the publication is out. Some images will probably be on display, however, in the upcoming Uruk exhibition in the Pergamon Museum in April 2013. We will keep you updated on that.

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