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During the Uruk exhibition, that was displayed in Berlin and Herne during 2013 and 2014, we presented a detailed reconstruction of the Old-Babylonian palace of Sin-kashid. The nearly five minute long animation shows different parts of the palace and includes actual finds from the excavation.

If you want to finally see the animation on our website, you can do so now! Just click the link below and find the video on the right sidebar of the page.

Uruk Visualisation Project: The Sin-kashid palace

Recently, we finished a project that consists of three Middle-hall-type buildings, that were connected to each other and varying in size. Architectural Layer 8 of “Untersuchungsareal” 3 in Uruk revealed only these three buildings and some adjacent rooms. With some calculations, we reconstructed the height of the buildings and discovered, that the central building G was the highest. Flanked by the buildings F and H, that had more or less the same height, a central courtyard was constructed.

If you want to read more and check out some additional renderings, feel free to visit our Website.

For the second issue of the magazine “Archäologie Weltweit”, that is published by the German Archaeological Insitute (DAI), we were commissioned to develop an informative graphic that shows the complex network of different projects of the DAI. The goal was to express the different layers of information that are managed by the DAI and in which way it might be possible to grant access to that data. I am sure most of you have heard of IANUS, ZENON or ARACHNE, but did you know how they were related? We didn’t either, but tried to show exactly this network in the graphic.

You can read the second issue of Archäologie Weltweit here in English and German.

In the very first issue of “Archäologie Weltweit” (1/2013) is an article about Uruk and the exhibition, which features two of our pictures. One shows the sliced building C of the Late Uruk Period and the other the ziggurat of the Ur III Period.

This new magazine is published by the German Archaeological Institute and is mainly covering their projects and results. It will appear three times a year and is at the moment free of charge.

In this issue of the “Antike Welt” (3/2013) are a couple of pictures from our Uruk visualisations and we even made it onto the cover! Well, I know it is not People Magazine, but we are nonetheless very proud. You’ll see visualisations of the Ur III Period, the Late Uruk Period and the Seleucid Period. There are five articles about Uruk and the exhibition. It’s definitely worth a look!

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