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Today we set up the exhibition “Auf archäologischer Spurensuche in Syrien – Ausgrabungen in Tell Fecheriye”. It was a lot of work, but the result turned out fine. We even had our first visitors…

The exhibition’s title display.

Work in progress..

We created this life-sized accessible model of an excavation trench for visitors to explore.

This little girl instantly got comfortable inside the double-jar burial.. :)
Read more about this project here.
(Photographs: © Sandra Grabowski & Sebastian Hageneuer)

I wrote about the production of three dioramas for the National Museum in Herat here. Today we received news from Herat and some pictures of the installation and grand opening of the museum. See how the local museum staff in Afghanistan is installing our dioramas! Great :)
I hope I can post some more pictures of the finished installation soon.

(Photographs: © Ute Franke)

It is done! I am finished with the colouring of the children’s illustration. In the exhibition, there will be short accompanying descriptions that go with each number.

The numbers explain the different members and inventory of the excavation:
1: The director of excavation, 2: The photographer, 3: The topographer, 4: The cook, 5: The field director, 6: The local worker, 7: The gear, 8: The tools, 9: The anthropologist, 10: The field archaeologist, 11: The pottery-specialist, 12: The illustrator, 13: The philologist, 14: The IT-specialist, 15: The surveyor.

Today I added these cheerful excavators to my illustration. They demonstrate the different styles of wearing a kefiye (headscarf).

Once I was happy with the composition of the image, I started the ink-work and added detail to each character. The illustration looks like this now and is ready for colouring.

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