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It is done! I am finished with the colouring of the children’s illustration. In the exhibition, there will be short accompanying descriptions that go with each number.

The numbers explain the different members and inventory of the excavation:
1: The director of excavation, 2: The photographer, 3: The topographer, 4: The cook, 5: The field director, 6: The local worker, 7: The gear, 8: The tools, 9: The anthropologist, 10: The field archaeologist, 11: The pottery-specialist, 12: The illustrator, 13: The philologist, 14: The IT-specialist, 15: The surveyor.

Today I added these cheerful excavators to my illustration. They demonstrate the different styles of wearing a kefiye (headscarf).

Once I was happy with the composition of the image, I started the ink-work and added detail to each character. The illustration looks like this now and is ready for colouring.

At the moment, I am working on an illustration for kids. It will be part of the upcomig exhibition “Auf archäologischer Spurensuche in Syrien. Ausgrabungen in Tell Fecheriye” that we are setting up for the Department of Near Eastern Archaeology of the Freie Universität Berlin. We decided to compose the illustration in the style of “Where is Waldo”, so that the kids will be occupied for a while – and their parents free to enjoy the rest of the exhibition. :)
Today I finished the pencil drawing …

The composition of the image is almost finished. Datails are only indicated at this state of the work. I am not quite satisfied with the lower part of the drawing yet and will be rearranging and adding some characters.

I have been working on the design and production preparation of three dioramas for the National Museum in Herat, Afghanistan. Today, I went to the model maker‘s place to have a look at the finished models. They turned out great! This is the first time that some of our 3D-models got converted to real life models. :)

Great! I can actually touch the figures that I built in the computer only a few weeks ago. :)

The dioramas are constructed in a modular fashion in order for them to be easily packed and transported to Herat, where they will be reassembled by the museum staff.

This is what the models looked like in the computer. I built them exactly to scale and gave the data to the model maker. In the Herat museum each diorama will be placed within a separate display case.
To read more about this project, visit our project-site!
(Photographs: © Sandra Grabowski)

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