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Updates about our projects

We have been working on this project for a while now and finished it just recently.  Prof. Butterlin from the University of Paris commissioned us to recreate an excavation trench of Mari in 3D.  The site Tell Hariri, situated in modern Syria, is unreachable at the moment and the excavation team needed a tool to work with the stratigraphy of the most important trench V.1.

We worked closely with Wael Abu-Azizeh, the leading excavator of that trench, to rebuild the stratigraphy and architectural remains in the computer. The results were final renderings and… a Google SketchUp model! You can read everything about the project here.

For the second issue of the magazine “Archäologie Weltweit”, that is published by the German Archaeological Insitute (DAI), we were commissioned to develop an informative graphic that shows the complex network of different projects of the DAI. The goal was to express the different layers of information that are managed by the DAI and in which way it might be possible to grant access to that data. I am sure most of you have heard of IANUS, ZENON or ARACHNE, but did you know how they were related? We didn’t either, but tried to show exactly this network in the graphic.

You can read the second issue of Archäologie Weltweit here in English and German.

After the exhibition “Uruk – 5000 years of the Megacity” has finally opened and is still running, we will – step by step – release some of the material that you can see in the exhibition and the accompanying catalogue. Today, we uploaded the project page of the White Temple. The inside view of the temple as shown above is also in the exhibition itself. You’ll find it in form of a big three-dimensional diorama, which is – by the way – an excellent point for a photo!

You can find the project page of the White Temple here.

A while ago, we made a website on the prehistoric rock paintings of the Latmos Mountains in Western Turkey. The website was entirely in German and English. As the project is a German-Turkish cooperation, translating the website into Turkish was the right thing to do. With the help of Pınar Atılgan, we finally added the third (and most important) language to the website. So, if you have any Turkish friends who might be interested, please share this link to the Latmos Website:

With the beauty of the outstanding landscape and marvellous rock paintings in mind, I want to bring to your attention the ongoing destruction of this region by local mining operations for feldspar. Maybe you can help preserving the rock paintings by sharing the Latmos Website to as many friends (and especially Turkish ones) as possible. Knowledge is power!

Photograph: Excerpt from the rock painting in Karadere; © Anneliese Peschlow-Bindokat

In 2011, the very successful exhibition “The Tell Halaf Adventure” was displayed in the Pergamon-Museum, Berlin. The exhibition presented for the very first time reconstructed statues which were destroyed by the bombings of  World War II. 27.000 pieces were puzzled together over a period of 9 years and finally presented to the public. The exhibition was enriched by objects from other museums around the globe, a collection like this will not be possible for a long time.

While the exhibition was still present, the team of Ingenieurbüro Malige recorded it partially with the help of a terrestrial laser scanner. They converted the 3D data into a 5-minute long clip, which is now public on the official excavation page of the Tell Halaf excavation project. So if you missed the exhibition or just want to remember, take a look: Link to the News section of the Tell Halaf excavation project

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