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Updates about our projects

One of our longer animation for the exhibition “Uruk – 5000 years megacity” was the one explaining the Late Uruk Period. We updated our project page of the Late Uruk Period and finally added the animation for you to watch. You’ll find it at the top here or at the bottom of the project page. Enjoy!

Link to the updated project page

During the exhibition “Uruk – 5000 years of the megacity” an animation of the Seleucid Bit Resh was displayed. We updated our website with the animation, or you can watch it right above!

During the Uruk exhibition, that was displayed in Berlin and Herne during 2013 and 2014, we presented a detailed reconstruction of the Old-Babylonian palace of Sin-kashid. The nearly five minute long animation shows different parts of the palace and includes actual finds from the excavation.

If you want to finally see the animation on our website, you can do so now! Just click the link below and find the video on the right sidebar of the page.

Uruk Visualisation Project: The Sin-kashid palace

Not so long ago, we finished a small project that visualised a building in Habuba Kabira, dated into the Uruk Period. Finished is probably not the correct term, as this is only a preliminary result. The reconstruction of this building is based on the preliminary publications and the final publication is still not available. Nevertheless, we see this as an experiment: What will be the difference between a reconstruction based on preliminary results and a revised version based on the final publication?

As soon as the final publication will be available, we will take a look and propose a new reconstruction. The differences and similarities will then be discussed! We are looking forward to it. You can already have a look at the preliminary results on our website.

Recently, we finished a project that consists of three Middle-hall-type buildings, that were connected to each other and varying in size. Architectural Layer 8 of “Untersuchungsareal” 3 in Uruk revealed only these three buildings and some adjacent rooms. With some calculations, we reconstructed the height of the buildings and discovered, that the central building G was the highest. Flanked by the buildings F and H, that had more or less the same height, a central courtyard was constructed.

If you want to read more and check out some additional renderings, feel free to visit our Website.

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