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For the ongoing exhibition “Ana ziqquratim” in Strasbourg, we have created two animations. The first onbe being an overfly of the Anu Ziggurat of the Late Uruk Period (2nd half of the 4th millennium BCE) and the second one being an overfly of the Eanna Ziggurat of the Ur III Period (21st century BCE) in Uruk. The models are not new and you can find the description of both projects already on our website, but the two animations are brand-new. Enjoy!

Anu Ziggurat Project on

Eanna Ziggurat Project on

Some folks over at turned one of our graphics, the childrens illustration of an excavation, into an interactive graphic, where you can click on the different people and get their job on the excavation. We are not sure whom to thank for that, but here it is:

I just published a small blog post about Archaeological Reconstructions on the blog of Smarthistory. It is short, but covers the essentials of reconstruction.

You can have a look here:

In the last couple days we worked on a new website-system. If everything worked as it was intended, you should not see any changes at all. We changed to a CMS-based website-system to ease our work and have some more control over all the projects we have published so far.

The downside is, that now all our links to the projects have changed. We tried to compensate for that and installed a kind of automatic re-linking system. Anyway, it might be possible that some of the old links are not working any more, we are apologizing for that.

If you have any problems with the website, please feel free to contact and to tell us, so that we have the possibility to work that out.

Artefacts Berlin Portfolio

We have a winner! Yanis Diaz from Cottbus has won the lottery for the book “Cities that shaped the ancient World”! We wish you a lot of fun with your new book!

Photo: © Yanis Diaz

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