Recently, we finished a project that consists of three Middle-hall-type buildings, that were connected to each other and varying in size. Architectural Layer 8 of “Untersuchungsareal” 3 in Uruk revealed only these three buildings and some adjacent rooms. With some calculations, we reconstructed the height of the buildings and discovered, that the central building G was the highest. Flanked by the buildings F and H, that had more or less the same height, a central courtyard was constructed.

If you want to read more and check out some additional renderings, feel free to visit our Website.

    One of our older projects, the illustration that explains an archaeological trench (see above), has found another use. Last Friday, Birge Tezner from audio Konzept was using our illustration in a reading for children, that was held in the book store BuchSegler in Berlin. She was promoting her new audio book “Fred im Reich der Nofretete“.

    She told us, that the children were most interested and started to search for finds on the illustration, even after the reading had started. We are happy that we could help out and if you are interested in a very well done audio book (German), check out the websites above. Kindly, Birge provided us with some pictures of the reading.

    Photo: © Martin König

    Photo: © Rupert Schellenberger

      We have been working on this project for a while now and finished it just recently.  Prof. Butterlin from the University of Paris commissioned us to recreate an excavation trench of Mari in 3D.  The site Tell Hariri, situated in modern Syria, is unreachable at the moment and the excavation team needed a tool to work with the stratigraphy of the most important trench V.1.

      We worked closely with Wael Abu-Azizeh, the leading excavator of that trench, to rebuild the stratigraphy and architectural remains in the computer. The results were final renderings and… a Google SketchUp model! You can read everything about the project here.

        It has been a while since our last post, but a lot has happened and time flew by. We did do a lot of work at the end of last year and actually moved our office to a new co-working space with friendly colleagues! You can find us now under a new address and reach us under a new telephone number:

        ARTEFACTS Berlin
        Motzstr. 63
        10777 Berlin
        phone: +49 (0)30 / 556 420 53

        As for work, we are still reconstructing of course. At the moment, we are working on a reconstruction of a residential building in Ḥabūba Kabīra-South. We hope, we can present some results soon, as this is rather a small building in comparison to the Uruk material.

        I already reported on my presentation at the CHNT18 about the Uruk visualisations. I am currently writing the corresponding article for it and will make the result available here, as soon as it is edited and public. In this sense, we wish everyone a (late) good start into 2014!

          For the second issue of the magazine “Archäologie Weltweit”, that is published by the German Archaeological Insitute (DAI), we were commissioned to develop an informative graphic that shows the complex network of different projects of the DAI. The goal was to express the different layers of information that are managed by the DAI and in which way it might be possible to grant access to that data. I am sure most of you have heard of IANUS, ZENON or ARACHNE, but did you know how they were related? We didn’t either, but tried to show exactly this network in the graphic.

          You can read the second issue of Archäologie Weltweit here in English and German.