In the current issue of the German magazine “Archäologie Weltweit”, one of our reconstructions of the Oxus Temple is featured! The project of the Oxus Temple is not online on our website yet, but we will change that soon. You can have a look at the magazine for free here.

    I will present a talk at the upcoming archeoworks 3 at the Humboldt University in Berlin on the 10th of May. The topic is Digital Archaeology and how archaeologists can use 3D software to visualise scientific results. I will present examples from Mari and Uruk. The talk will be in the lecture hall 2094, starts at 2 pm, last roughly one hour and be in German. If you are there, come by and say hi!

      This project was completed last year and I finally found the time to bring it online. Building E of Uruk is one of the biggest buildings of the ancient city and most certainly one of the most interesting ones. Check out our description and more pictures.

      Building E on

        In the last couple days we worked on a new website-system. If everything worked as it was intended, you should not see any changes at all. We changed to a CMS-based website-system to ease our work and have some more control over all the projects we have published so far.

        The downside is, that now all our links to the projects have changed. We tried to compensate for that and installed a kind of automatic re-linking system. Anyway, it might be possible that some of the old links are not working any more, we are apologizing for that.

        If you have any problems with the website, please feel free to contact and to tell us, so that we have the possibility to work that out.

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          We have a winner! Yanis Diaz from Cottbus has won the lottery for the book “Cities that shaped the ancient World”! We wish you a lot of fun with your new book!

          Photo: © Yanis Diaz